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There is something that needs to be done to stay aware of what's happening around us instead of sailing on autopilot from day to day. There are people who are doers and then there are people who are naysayers. I have always liked people who have, and more importantly, take initiative. I wish I'm one of them. The name LostFinn was invented while thinking of an interesting nickname to use while travelling central americas way back in the day. It kinda stuck.

LostFinn [lost 'fin] describes a person with courage and willingness to lose him or herself to experience something unprecedented and unexpected. A person, who is willing to change his or hers attitude, view and behavior to find something new about him or her, others and from surrounding environment. A person who is willing and really able to get our of him or her comfort zone. A person, you would find interesting.

The LostFinn Motorcycle and Adventure Club was formed by a group of this kind of special individuals.

Peace & Love,
Matias, President - Lost Finn MCc

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When on the road, here will be a link to SPOT showing somewhat up-to-date view of where I'm traveling at the moment